The Life Safety Tracker System® manages your facility's fire barriers by tracking & updating fire dampers, fire doors, firestopping and fireproofing.

The Life Safety Tracker System® is an interactive, web-based software program designed for facility managers based on years of in-field experience. The Life Safety Tracker System® catalogues and tracks fire and smoke dampers, fire and smoke doors, and firestopping & fireproofing. It has an advanced Above Ceiling and Fire Barrier Permit module to ensure all fire-rated assemblies remain compliant even during construction and renovation.

Dashboard and overview tools allow facility managers to quickly show C‐suite leadership, CMS, The Joint Commission, DMV, HFAB, and other authorities having jurisdiction the real‐time status of a building, floor or entire campus's life safety.


LST: damper

LST:damper module helps facility managers with the inspection of fire and smoke dampers. Click here to learn more about how the LST:damper module can help with your current and future damper inspections.

LST: doors

LST:door module helps ease the burden of yearly fire and smoke door inspections. Click here to learn more about how the LST:door module can help with your ongoing fire door inspection project.

LST: firestop

LST:firestop module helps facility managers stay on top of firestopping and fireproofing in a constantly challenging environment. Learn more about how the LST:firestop module can help you keep your building compliance ready.

Fire Barrier Management

Fire barrier management is an integral component of a facility's life safety - whether it is a healthcare facility, college residence, or corporate office. Click here to learn more about our total barrier management package.


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